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What we do

Here are just a few things we get up to...

Meetups and socials

Join us for cinema screenings, games night, pub quiz, beach clean and more! We aim to have at least one or two gatherings a month.

Tree planting

We aim to plant a minimum of 1000 trees every semester at multiple sites in the Swansea area.

Charity fundraising

We organise fundraising events to help great charities such as Movember, Student Minds, British Red Cross and more.

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Tree Planting

🌲 Trees planted this year:


🌲 Total trees planted:


Goal: 1092/1000


23/24 Season

September 2023 - June 2024

22/23 Season

September 2022 - June 2023

21/22 Season

September 2021 - June 2022

19/20 Season

September 2019 - June 2020

About Us

Planting the right trees, in the right place, and at the right time since 2019.

Tree Society Logo

Our ethos is simple. We plant, we protect, and we have fun!

Doing our bit for the people & planet is where this idea of a tree society stemmed from. However, we also felt that giving back to local and international communities was also crucial; so we aim to raise as much funding and awareness for charities that our close to our hearts every semester.

We also host regular social events and collaborate with other societies and local groups in the area, so there is always something for everyone :)

If you’d like to join us then make sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook page so you can be updated with all of our events and socials throughout term time.

How can you help?

A few ways you can take part in protecting nature. Click the pictures for more information!



With the Ecosia search engine, you can plant trees while you search the web! Ecosia uses the profit we make from ad revenue on your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. You can set Ecosia as your default search engine on any mainstream web browser to start planting trees with your searches straight away with no sign-up required.


My Tree Our Forest

The My Tree, Our Forest tree giveaway is a partnership between the Welsh Government and Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust in Wales. The scheme gives every household in Wales the opportunity to pick up a tree to plant, free of charge, have a tree posted to them, or have a tree planted on their behalf. To find out where you can pick up your free tree, please click the link in the picture!


Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust do a fantastic job of protecting and restoring our forests, bringing landowners, decision-makers and ordinary people on side, and fighting needless destruction wherever it may threaten. There are many ways you can support them, either through a cash donation, buying your own trees and even dedicating patches of woodland for gifts or to remember a loved one.


A few of the great charities our society has raised money for

  • Movember


    We raised money for Movember by cycling and running for 24 hours straight, climbing the height of Mt. Everest with a 20kg vest on, holding a pub quiz and bake sales on campus too. Our members raised a total of £4,514!

  • British Red Cross

    British Red Cross

    We held a bake sale and pub quiz to and raised £651.24 for the British Red Cross, who help people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

  • UN Refugee Agency

    UN Refugee Agency

    Through a collaborative bake sale with Swansea STAR and a pub quiz, we raised a total of £467.67 to help those displaced by the war in Ukraine.

  • Zambia group

    Zambia community group, Discovery SVS

    Money was raised for a community group that we volunteered with when the Swansea University’s Discovery SVS team ran a 4 week trip to Zambia in 2019. We raised £663.75!

  • Size of Wales

    Size of Wales

    Size of Wales is a climate change charity working to create a future where forest communities can thrive alongside healthy tropical forests—to make Wales part of the climate solution, rather than part of the problem. We raised £233.05 through an online collection for this charity.

  • Student Minds

    Student Minds

    We held a pub quiz and bingo night in JC’s alongside Swansea Uni Gardening Society and raised £184.52 for Student Minds, a UK-based student mental health charity.

  • Swansea Food Bank

    Swansea Food Bank

    We collected donations on our tree planting events, and held a sponsored cinema screening in order to support our local food banks. Together, we raised £268!

  • RSPB

    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

    By holding a bake sale on campus with the Swansea SU’s Environment Officer, we raised £151.07 for the RSPB charity, who are helping to secure and protect a healthy environment for wildlife across the country.

  • Islamic Relief

    Islamic Relief

    We held a charity pub quiz alongside some other societies and raised £1,140 for Islamic Relief UK, a Muslim charity providing humanitarian aid for the devastating earthquake that affected Turkey and Syria in January 2023.

  • Muslim Aid

    Muslim Aid

    We held a bakesale on campus with the Islamic and Pakistani societies and raised £731.25 for Muslim Aid and their Palestine appeal, to help with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

  • And many

💚 Total raised: £9191.75

Committee Members

The wonderful people who keep the society going

Jean-Louis Button


Hal Szary

Vice President

Vianney Foglizzo


Natasza Nowak

Digital & Marketing

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